Genie: good or bad

The Genie or in some mythology known as Jinn have raised a question are they good or bad.  I know you all have at least seen some of the movies such as Aladdin or Kazaam in which the Genie is portrayed as a good person, then again there is also the movie Jinn. So which is it, are they considered good or bad or maybe we got them all wrong completely. Maybe they are just like us but with an edge of having powers and extras. So let’s start off with the definition of Genie: according to Miriam Webster it is defined as a magical spirit resembling a person that often lives in a lamp or a bottle whose only purpose is to serve the person who calls it. However, we all have heard the whole three wishes only bit and then the Genie moves on, so with some surprise there is also the Genie must serve the person until the lamp they live in is passed onto another person or the Genie somehow tricks the person into wishing them free. Though to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend the last part unless you were one hundred percent sure you were not going to release havoc the level of opening up Pandora’s box upon the world level.  But there is also the warning I have seen in one episode of Ray Bradbury theater in which the woman purchasing the lamp is warned never to invite the Genie into your body.  Can we say a whole new level of possession here.

In some cultural  mythologies, the Genie or Jinn is thought to possess living men and that magic would be needed to get them out of the bodies they possessed.  Other cultural mythologies see them as spirits guarding the household or the community.  So with that said and with the movies we all watched and the shows such as Bewitched, would you honestly trust a Genie? I mean if you set one free you can longer control it. Also if you don’t watch how you word your wishes, terrible consequences can happen as well. Say for instance you wished for a million dollars and the Genie gives you it, but where did that  money come from? It had to have come from somewhere. Only to later on find out that a bank had been robbed and somehow you wound up with the stolen money. That is a prime example of watch how you word the wishes. Besides that if a Genie possessed you and you commited something bad would you be held accountable? The answer would be yes since all evidence points to you and if you tell someone the evil Genie made me do it, you would get put in a straight jacket or who knows what happen.  And last but not least if you set that Genie free and that genie had no good intentions, well guess what you just might have caused the apocalypse.

So here is the final thought: are they good or bad? Would you trust one with your life even and the lives of others or would you toss that lamp back where you found it or perhaps lock it in a trunk to where no one can find it.

Crazy Chinchilla out.


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